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Reset Windows password using Linux

How to reset a Windows password using Linux. It's very, very easy! We hope this helps you out of a troublesome situation!

mdadm failed drive replacement

If you're running a mdadm RAID array and a drive fails, what do you do? Here's something that might help.

Use dd to clone a drive and view progress

How to clone any drive using dd and then view the progress of the operation

Snort with Barnyard and MySQL on Centos 6

How to set up Snort with Barnyard and MySQL on Centos 6 to make a nice IDS solution.

At least [number]mb needed on the boot filesystem

This error can stop you updating a system. This is how to sort it on a CentOS/RHEL OS.

Change Default runlevel in RHEL/CentOS and clones

How to change the default runlevel in RHEL clones. Control what your install boots to - desktop or CLI.

Optimise Basic Linux Networking

A few changes that make a difference to overall network throughput. Worth doing!

Adding KVM Virtio Drivers to Windows

Switching all devices to virtio when using KVM is a must. Here's how to add drivers to Windows without it throwing a BSOD.

Dump and then restore using mysqldump

How to get those DBs into files for storage/transfer and how to then get them back into your new/backup server.
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