Phat Linux 4.0 Released

The long-awaited fourth release of Phat Linux has finally hit FTP servers. With updates such as Ximian GNOME and a 2.4.18 kernel, users are sure to be pleased.


Linux Vendors to Standardize on Single Distribution

eWeek is reporting that a number of Linux vendors will announce on Thursday that they have agreed to standardize on a single Linux distribution to try and take on Red Hat's dominance in the industry.

Bluetooth on Linux

Anonymous writes: "Its seems that linux is heading in the right direction with bluetooth support in the next major kernel version.

Creating KParts components

Creating KParts components. In this tutorial, developers can learn how to create KParts components -- the component technology that was introduced with the release of KDE 2. You'll get an intro to the core KParts concepts of read-only and read-write parts and network transparency. You'll learn how to create a read-only component, and then modify it to be a read-write component. You'll also learn how to deploy the component so that Konqueror can use it.

Netscape 7.0 Preview Released

C|Net's reports on Netscape 7.0, which is available in a preview release. The story also mentions the Gecko engine and the Mozilla project..

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